Apple is widely anticipated to announce the most recent iteration of the Apple Watch on Tuesday, presumably known as the Apple Watch Series 5, even if the naming conventions hold out. But where does Apple take the next?

Part of the problem is the lack of competition of the Watch.


Apple’s also coming off a significant redesign for the Apple Watch last year, the first it has ever done since introducing the item back in 2015, meaning the Series 5 models will most likely continue using the Series 4 layout rather than something new. It is especially telling that the largest updates rumored to the Apple Watch this season are either decorative — such as the leaked ceramic and titanium instances — or software based, such as the standalone App Store and rumored sleep monitoring .

Earlier updates did not have the identical issue, thanks such as practical microphones, waterproofing and speakers, and a LTE link that would untether it. However, that the Watch has all those things and the list of missing features this season that Apple could add is beginning to look slimmer and slimmer.

That is not to say that the Watch is ideal. Siri is frustratingly inconsistent, which can be a problem when it is also the only way of text entry on account of the display size that is small. And needless to say, the holy grail of any smartwatch — an screen that does not require hand contortions to reveal the time remains far from the reach of Apple.

But the characteristics that are rumored to be coming for the Apple Watch of this year may show the way. As Apple famously declared when it initially introduced the Watch, the fact that it is always in your wrist makes it”the most personal device ever” by the business. Materials and styles that allow you to match a Watch is 1 way. New health attributes, like interval and sleep tracking, are another.

Apple is so far forward that the sole competitor to get a brand new Apple Watch is an older one, especially once you factor in the software lock-in — Apple (obviously ) lets it own Watches incorporate far more profoundly with iPhones than any rivals, which makes it the de-facto alternative for countless millions of iPhone clients out there.

But without competition it is possible that Apple can continue with its market lead and pragmatic updates to shore. Like the saying do not fix it.