Based on Yahoo, the airline is currently on schedule to return in October of this year, as a result of a significant investment by USAerospace Associates.

Chief executive of USAerospace Associates, michele Ballarin, stated which Wow Air will relaunch with the capacity to increase that amount by summertime 2020 to over 10 aircraft in operation, with two planes. The Wow Air operations will be located at Dulles International Airport, located outside Washington, DC, although it will have facilities in Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport that is neighboring.

As for what will be different about the experience of flying Wow Air, Icelandic publication Visirshares it will provide some deluxe amenities to clients, such as waiting lounges in airports where it provides service and in-flight meals allegedly generated by a Michelin-starred chef. That all sounds fine — especially for a funding airline but not going bankrupt are the best thing Wow Air can handle this year when it relaunches.

No statements have been made by wow Air from its stations. Its site’s security certificate expired if they had been affected by the bankruptcy to stranded passengers could get a refund, and it exhibits the travel alert.